• China’s Top Music Apps

    The Chinese mobile market has continued to grow in the past few years, and it’s reaches record-breaking heights. Forbes has just reported that China’s own Xiaomi has become the world’s 5th largest smartphone maker, and figures for their mobile gaming industry rose by 93% in 2014. Smartphone penetration in the country is expected to grow […]

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  • Jay’s Favorites (So Far)!

    Since I’m a new writer, I just thought it’d be best to share with you guys a few of my favorite Chinese songs and the reasons why I love them. These are just a few and the ones that I know so far in my journey into Chinese language music that I really like. Sorry […]

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  • Under New Management

    Hello! My name is Jadon and I am a new writer for the blog! I contacted David and he gave me editing power over the blog and Facebook page. I am a semi-regular writer on a website called AsiaOtaku. More about me: I’m a young adult originally from Baltimore, Maryland, currently living in Florida who […]

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  • Chinese Music Blog is for sale

    Since it turns out that we don’t actually know enough about Chinese music or blogging we are now selling the domain plus content to the highest bidder. If you’re interested please email david@chinesemusicblog.com

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  • ChristianMuslim

    As the 11th anniversary of September 11th passes, somehow cultural and religious tensions have only increased – in Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, and right here at home. Last year, Jason Chu recorded ChristianMuslim, a song speaking out against violence and bloodshed between people who “believe that we’re all God’s children.” For the past few months, his friends […]

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  • Presidential RACE (The Other Color)

    A lot of people ask – why are Asian-Americans so apathetic towards politics? Others also ask – why let someone’s race affect the way you view their politics? Answers may be difficult to come to – but they won’t start until we talk about the hard questions. NEW SPOKEN WORD video – Presidential RACE (The […]

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  • Selection 1 by The Honor

    Fire! As a gun shot in the dark, ‘Selection 1’ bangs hot and noisy into ears and hits us as a bullet right through the head! This is The Honor first debut album and it comes to us with a loud electro-pop sound, like a violent kick up to the free urban arty boys’ creativity. […]

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  • Site Remake

    Dear Chinese Music Lovers, we just finished remaking the site and everything (including the forum!) should work properly this time. We apologize for the failed restart a couple of months ago and hope it works this time. The site looks very similar to what it looked like before, but we actually remade almost all of […]

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  • Show Luo: Rashomon

    A much-anticipated album, Show Luo’s latest release 羅生門 [Luo Sheng Men] proves to be a worthy following to the success of his previous album Trendy Man. I’ve got to say, I was almost afraid the album might not live-up to all the hype…

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  • Khalil Fong: Timeless

    Khalil Fong has the unique distinction of being a Mandarin R&B artist in Hong Kong, a career that has proven fruitful with four LPs and a growing fan base. With his fifth album release, he aimed to pay respect to those artists and songs that inspire his musical style and lyrics. He covers a range […]

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